About My Senior Care Finder

My Senior Care Finder

We are a very diverse group of medical and business professionals who have been in the health care and senior care business for many years.

We, like many of you, were very frustrated with the lack of a reliable, comprehensive, and efficient method for locating facilities which matched the needs of the client.

So, we decided to provide a solution!

The number of facilities to house and care for seniors has exploded in the last few years in recognition of the growing number of Baby Boomers who are reaching retirement age.

And, so the market place is flooded with options, many of which are excellent, and many of which are not.  Yet up until now, there has not been one place that has brought all of this together in such a manner that you can find and select based on your criteria.

What we are providing is a complete inventory of all facilities nationwide, dedicated to the care of seniors.  This inventory includes complete mapping, including neighborhood view, services and features provided, types of payment accepted, range of fees, an annual quality assessment, and photos of the facility.

This level of detail and quality requires that we work with all facility owners.  We visit and assess each facility annually before we will place a client in that facility.  Facility owners also have the ability to maintain many of their own records, so that this website will have the most current data available about each facility.

Not only are we providing and maintaining this inventory of senior care providers, but we also have a nationwide network of specialists who are standing by to assist you in every aspect of your search, from finding the right facility, to assisting with financial options, and finally with the actual placement.

All of this is provided at NO COST to you.

So, please do use our search facilities, examine the possibilities, and contact us when we can assist.

While you are here, please take some time to learn more about our accolades and awards by visiting our HRRP Awards and Awards of Recognition pages.

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