Awards of Recognition

MySeniorCareFinder takes pride in working with facilities who value their patients and go above and beyond to provide them with quality care. Attention to detail, outstanding service, and a level of personal connection are why we have partnered with you, so let us recognize what it is about your facility that makes it a cut above the rest.

Recognition in nutritional services, facility staffing, care provided, resident recommendation of your facility, and overall satisfaction will be awarded to you immediately upon the qualifying number of residents reviewing your facility as ‘Excellent’ in one or more of those categories. These awards help families, hospitals, and discharge planners to identify truly remarkable facilities they feel confident and excited to work alongside. 

Once your facility is recognized for its excellence in one or more of these categories, you will receive an official certificate of recognition, the seal of excellence will be added to your public profile on MySeniorCareFinder, and your recognition status will be used as a differentiator when MySeniorCareFinder representatives are displaying your facility to potential residents.

Please also see our HRRP Awards.

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