HRRP Awards

MySeniorCareFinder strives to reduce readmissions, a goal we accomplish by working alongside and recognizing facilities with exceptional patient outcomes. We match the patients plan of care with a facility’s services to ensure their needs are met in a specific and personal way.

Our strategic partner, Cortex, makes three post-discharge calls to every facility we work with and gathers data on high risk discharge types as well as overall readmission rate for every facility we partner with. This data is then used to award facilities with readmission rates lower than the national average with the recognition they deserve.

Once a facility meets the qualifying number of patients with excellent outcomes, they receive an official certificate of recognition from MySeniorCareFinder for the discharge type they excel in. The distinction a facility receives for its impressive patient outcomes is displayed in the form of a seal on their public MySeniorCareFinder profile, making it a great way for a facility to distinguish itself as well as an easy identifier for potential referral sources looking for outstanding facilities. MySeniorCareFinder representatives will also use the recognition as a differentiator when our representatives are displaying the facility to potential residents.

Please also see our Awards of Recognition.

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