Adult Family Homes

Board and Care (B&C), Adult Family Home (AFH)

B&C and AFH are homes in residential neighborhoods that are retrofitted to care for seniors. They are usually state licensed to care for up to six seniors. Most provide one caregiver per three residents (two for six). These homes generally have an all-inclusive fee structure with room, board, meals and care all included in one set monthly cost.

These homes are usually located in family neighborhoods and can be very cost effective for those who need a higher level of care. Assisted living comĀ­munities will frequently transition clients to board and care once their needs supersede what the facility can provide. B&C or AFH can be a great option for families with loved ones who need full time care.

Like assisted living communities, there are a wide range of options in board and care/adult family homes. Some are small and cozy while others are large and spacious. Some are very attractive and others are definitely in need of a physical plant upgrade. We specialize in helping find B&C and AFHs based on the needs and desires of families. If you need assistance finding and selecting a B&C/AFH, contact our placement consultant today.

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