Assisted Living

Assisted Living

ALs are senior care com­munities that are licensed by the state to provide room/board, meals, medication management and care. Assisted living communities are usually large, hotel-like buildings with many common areas (dining room, game rooms, libraries and common activity areas). AL com­munities tend to have a base rate per month to cover room, board, meals and additional fees depending on levels of care provided. For example:

Level One may include bathing three times per week and light housekeeping services once per week.

Level Two may include all Level One services in addition to transfer assistance to the dining room.

Level Three may include all Levels One and Two services, plus assistance with continence care and medication management

Frequently, these levels are based on a point sys­tem that matches all ADLs or needed activities. Once a client moves to a new level, additional fees are incurred. AL communities are usually a great fit for those who are very social by nature, but need only lower levels of care. Staffing ratios can sometimes be one caregiver to 12-15 residents. Usually lifestyle and activities are what draw people to AL facilities.

AL is paid for out-of-pocket, with a LTC policy or through VA aid and attendance benefit.

It’s important to note that not all ALs are the same. Depending on your budget, care needs, personality and desire to be social; there may be a home that is just right for you. It is vital that you work with our Placement Consultant to help you navigate the many options available. Consider calling us today to find out the options in your area.

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