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Senior Facilities

My Senior Care Finder was developed to satisfy the need for a more comprehensive and efficient method of searching and selecting the perfect place for your loved one, or for yourself.

The ability to create this comprehensive and efficient selection process requires that all facilities be adequately described and fairly represented.

This requires that all facilities have been visited, inspected, and rated by our proprietary rating system.  This inspection process includes neighborhood, price range, services and features provided, methods of payment accepted, a quality assessment rating, and photos of the facility.

This standard rating system then allows you, the potential client, to find a list of matches which come closest to satisfying your requirements – all without leaving your home.

Once you have selected the most likely places which match your requirements, we will be glad to arrange a personal tour and assist with any other step in the process until you have moved into your new facility.

We stand by and are willing to assist you in any aspect of your search for a new home.

We will also stay in contact with you after you have moved into a new facility.  We want to make sure that you are satisfied, and are more than willing to assist with any issues which may arise.

Contact us, or fill in the Request Information form to get help with navigating your way through the process.  Also, remember that we will have personal experience and relationships with many of the facilities, and the personal touch may be just what is required to help get you into the right facility.

So, please contact us so we can provide that personal service!

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